Centennial Global Solar

Centennial Global Solar Co. is an international leader in the manufacturing of high quality, low cost and innovative energy solutions. Operating in 24 countries worldwide, Centennial Global Solar offers custom made PV modules and system solutions for variety of applications. Centennial Global Solar was established in 2003. Our systems are designed and manufactured to withstand extreme climate like cold or hot & high wind velocities. Centennial Global Solar provides custom solutions using 4 different cell technologies (Crystalline, CIGS, Spherical & Amorphous Thin Film). Our quality control standard is supported and validated by UL, ETL & IEC certifications and 3rd party verified in various public institutions. 


​​Centennial Global Solar Company was amongst the first companies to manufacture Polycrystalline solar modules with large 156mm x 156mm solar cells in 2004. Centennial was also amongst the first to use uniform blue top surface polycrystalline cells. The company also had distinction of using blue backsheet to merge with blue cells and to concealed top and bottom bus bars of solar modules. This design made the solar modules very popular with our customers.

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Centennial Global Solar Company has been manufacturing mono-crystalline solar modules since its inception in 2003. They are among the oldest, most efficient and most dependable ways to produce electricity from the sun. Each module is made from a single silicon crystal. They are more expensive, than polycrystalline and thin-film PV panel technologies.

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In 2008, Centennial Global Solar Company added production of Spherical silicon solar modules to manufacture flexible and foldable solar modules for light weight and reliable solar panels for military, campers, mountaineers, trekkers and for scientist working in remote areas. The application of flexible spherical silicon solar panels was extended to curved roof and roof with low load bearing capacity, recreation vehicles and boats, making strips of solar venetian blinds etc. 



​In 2005, Centennial diversified into amorphous thin film module production. The thin film amorphous modules filled the gap of small power module requirement for battery charging application. These solar modules became popular for road signs, RV’s, lighting remote homes and other consumer applications. 

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BIPV is short for Building Integrated Photovoltaic. It means placing the solar power generation system into buildings. It is not a solar cell technology but an application of technology. Since the beginning Centennial was aware that incentives and subsidies to promote photovoltaic technology will not last forever. The success of photovoltaic industry lies in reducing cost to compete with other conventional technologies for generating electricity. Centennial has undertaken many custom made solar modules for building integration in roof, semi-transparent façade, windows, and skylights, round solar panels for sculptures that generate its own electricity and PV module integrated vertical axis wind generators. With advancement in photovoltaic technology Centennial offers coloured solar modules both in thin film as well as in crystalline technologies. 

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In 2006, Centennial Global Solar Company decided to get into non-silicon based solar panels and started production of CIGS solar modules. The CIGS solar modules became very popular in third world countries for charging batteries for solar home systems and solar lantern. CIGS solar modules are used for making roof tiles and replacing roof material in Canada and Switzerland. The promise of CIGS solar cell technology has been greater than the reality. 


Bifacial Half Cell Modules 

Our new Bifacial module, uses 10 bus bar, 182 mm half cell technology in 6 x 18 (108 cells), 6 x 20 (120 cells) and 6 x 24 (144 cells) configuration. The module efficiency exceeds 20%. The bifacial technology improves module power output up to 25%. The module weight is kept minimum by using heat strengthen 2mm double glass that can withstand 5400pa snow load and 2400pa wind pressure.

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Small Modules 

​The small modules are used for solar domestic systems in non-electrified villages in developing countries. In addition, small modules are used for portable instruments and GPS systems in remote areas. 

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Custom Modules

​Centennial Global Solar offers custom made modules for various applications. The modules in different shapes and sizes can be made retrofitting, research, new product development, or for architectural applications. 

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